Choosing the Best Drainage Company for Your Home or Business

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    The UK drainage industry encompasses hundreds of companies. There’s even a major trade event, the National Drainage Show, which takes place annually in November and showcases drainage specialists’ skills.

    Many drainage specialists’ day-to-day work involves helping homes and businesses to keep their wastewater flowing freely by providing drain unblocking, CCTV drain surveys and other vital services. But with so many to choose from, how can you ensure you pick the best drainage company for your needs?

    Mega-Rod has been looking after drains in Bath, Bristol and beyond for decades, so we’re well-placed to offer advice about what to look for in a drainage company. Read on to discover what we firmly believe makes this kind of business stand out.

    Impressive Local Knowledge and Insight

    Whether you want to arrange a homebuyer’s drain survey, need help to remove invasive roots or have another issue, it makes sense to contact drainage specialists who have in-depth knowledge of your local area. That won’t necessarily be the case with nationwide firms, as their drainage engineers may cover vast areas.

    By contrast, we’re a local, independent, family-run firm. We focus on specific places – Bath, Bristol and the surrounding area. As a result, our expertise in relation to the local drain and sewer network and water and sewerage companies is second to none and helps us to work extremely effectively and efficiently. It’s no wonder that over the years major local organisations, including the University of Bath and Wessex Water, have chosen our drainage services.

    Rapid Response and 24/7 Emergency Callouts

    Another benefit of choosing a drainage company that focuses on your local area is the team can respond rapidly. We’ll often be at customers’ properties in less than 60 minutes. ‘They arrived within the hour, cleared the blockage and left everything clean and fresh,’ remarks Nick, one of our commercial customers, in his review.

    What if you encounter a serious issue, such as a suspected collapsed drain, outside normal working hours? In that case, you’ll want a drainage company that goes the extra mile. Indeed, Mega-Rod offers 24/7 emergency callouts, so you can contact us at any time.

    Comprehensive Drainage Services

    If you choose a drainage company with a comprehensive range of services, spanning everything from CCTV drain surveys to root cutting, you’ll make life easier for yourself in the long run. That’s because you won’t need to deal with multiple firms to get problems fixed.

    We cover every aspect of drain care – inspections, cleaning/maintenance, unblocking, etc. Whether you need assistance with domestic drains, large-diameter commercial drains or septic tanks, we have the skills, equipment and vehicles required. Powerful CCTV cameras, jetting hoses, vacuum tankers and more help us to resolve problems everywhere from homes to hospitals.

    Free Quotations and Transparent Prices

    Blocked drains and related problems can lead to unpleasant surprises, from nasty smells to backups. When your drainage issues have been resolved, the last thing you want is to find an unpleasant surprise on your invoice too.

    That’s why Mega-Rod offers free, clear quotations and transparent pricing with no hidden extras. Plus, we’re one of the few firms that don’t pay our drain engineers on commission. So they’re on your side, not salespeople in disguise. You can therefore be confident you’ll only pay for work that’s strictly necessary and truly beneficial.

    Reputable and Trustworthy

    A great way to tell if you’re likely to be able to rely on a particular drainage company or not is to check whether the firm is part of the Which? Trusted Trader scheme. The well-known consumer issues organisation carries out rigorous trader assessments, encompassing everything from customer references to administrative procedures. ‘Those who don’t make the grade don’t get endorsed,’ Which? makes clear.

    Mega-Rod is proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader and uphold the scheme’s core values, including honest prices and excellent customer service.

    Five-Star Customer Reviews

    Reading what other people say about a specific drainage company can give you a clear idea of what your own experience with that firm may be like. First-class drainage engineers will get lots of glowing feedback from satisfied customers.

    Mega-Rod has received many five-star customer reviews – there’s a selection on each page of our website. They highlight our professionalism, friendliness, knowledge, skills and successful track record. As a customer called Simon emphasises, ‘I’ve had lots of drain surveys & drainage work done in the past due to various house moves and I can honestly say Mega-Rod as a company stands out by miles as the best.’

    For Bath drain unblocking, Bristol drain cleaning and related services you can rely on, call Mega-Rod today on 01225 422980.


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