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7 Key Signs Your Drains Need Unblocking

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    Are your drains struggling to function properly? Take a look at these common signs that your drains need unblocking and you need to get the problem fixed fast.

    Drains are pipes that carry wastewater and related material safely away from your property and deposit it in the sewers. A fully functioning drainage system that’s free of blockages is essential for every residential and commercial building. At home, for example, you rely on your drains to help you keep your washing machine, dishwasher, shower, basin, etc. working properly and maintain a healthy, pleasant environment.

    Your drains shouldn’t be overlooked; they play a major role in daily life. It’s important to keep in mind that they’ll struggle to function properly (and may even stop working completely) if things they aren’t designed to cope with end up in the pipework. Food scraps or baby wipes, say, can easily form a blockage, trapping air and impeding the flow of wastewater.

    That’s why the Bath and Bristol drain unblocking and drain cleaning experts at Mega-Rod encourage property owners to familiarise themselves with the following common signs of blocked drains. If you suspect congestion and think your drains need unblocking, contact us for professional help.

    Unpleasant Smells

    Have you found yourself frequently reaching for the air freshener or throwing open the windows lately? Nasty odours tend to be early warning signs of blocked drains, especially if they’re particularly noticeable when you’re running water. If cooking fat is stuck in the pipes, for instance, it’ll make your property smell far from fragrant.

    Gurgling Noises

    If your drainage system gets congested, you might hear it complaining… Strange gurgling noises that greet you when you empty the kitchen sink or flush the toilet, say, can point to an obstruction. It might sound like your pipework has a bad case of indigestion, but what’s actually happening is air trapped in the drains due to the blockage being forced through the system.

    Water Drains Slowly or Not At All

    You may also require a drain unblocking service if the water in your kitchen sink, appliances, basin, bath or shower starts draining away more slowly than usual. Its movement could well be being hindered by an obstruction in your drainage system. Moreover, if you have severely blocked drains, you might find the water refuses to drain away at all.

    Water draining slowly is a sign that your drains need unblocking

    The Toilet Has Difficulty Flushing

    Clogged drains can prevent toilets flushing properly too, which is certainly not a problem any property owner will be able to tolerate for very long. The issue is extremely unpleasant in a domestic environment, where there may be one or two toilets, but even more nightmarish in larger buildings such as hospitals and office blocks.

    Thankfully, we have the Bath and Bristol drain cleaning expertise to clear blockages and get your drainage system flowing properly again.

    Rising Water Levels

    Congestion compromises and unbalances your drainage system. As a result, the water levels in your bathroom, say, may start to rise. For example, it’s not unusual for someone with blocked drains to find that running a bath leads to an increase in the amount of water in the toilet.

    The Problem isn’t Located in the U-Bend

    Sometimes homeowners or other property owners assume that a plumber will be able to get their wastewater flowing and draining properly again by cleaning out, repairing or replacing their U-bends or other water traps (the sections of pipe that hold a small amount of wastewater in order to act as a barrier against foul gases and odours).

    However, when you have blocked drains, the source of the problem lies beyond the building’s easily accessible internal plumbing. You need specialist drain unblocking and drain cleaning.

    Frequent Backups

    Perhaps the clearest and most worrying sign of a drain blockage is wastewater frequently backing up – in other words, coming back up into your toilet and through your plugholes, because it can’t travel easily through the system anymore. If the obstruction is severe, wastewater can even escape from your property’s manhole.

    Do Your Drains Need Unblocking?

    Mega-Rod provides a Drain Unblocking Rapid Response Service throughout Bath and Bristol.

    Blocked drains create numerous issues, from nasty odours to wastewater that won’t budge.

    If you’ve noticed any of the blocked drain signs discussed above, you’ll want to get the problem fixed fast, so that you can get back to normal life and avoid drain damage.

    That’s why we provide rapid response drain unblocking and drain cleaning services for residential and commercial customers in Bath, Bristol and the surrounding area. We can identify the blockage and pinpoint its location with advanced cameras then unblock your drains using drain jetting or another effective technique.

    Mega-Rod is a Which? Trusted Trader, so you can be confident your drains are in safe hands.

    Blocked drains at home or work? Call 01225 422980 today for a fast, effective solution.


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