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When it comes to cleaning drains, Mega-Rod has the expertise and tools to solve any problem

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    Jonathan Taylor
    Jonathan Taylor
    16:29 12 Sep 22
    Great response and service. We had our drains blocked and was quite stuck. The team talked us through each stage and what can be done to prevent further issues.
    Sasha Nixon
    Sasha Nixon
    10:23 18 May 22
    Excellent service and communication on my pre purchase survey in May 2022. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mega-Rod!
    Rich Williams
    Rich Williams
    13:12 22 Dec 20
    I find myself posting another very positive review for this company. I find the customer service absolutely impeccable with the owner of the company even arranging urgent visits to my house whilst he is on holiday. All of the staff with whom I've had contact have been highly knowledgeable, courteous and providers of solutions whereby my drainage can be more efficient and not cause continued problems.They also have all the kit so it's not just a man visiting with his rod but you have... technology and power which combined with the friendliness makes for a very stressfree experience.I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company to those looking for support and quick fix more
    Toni Clothier
    Toni Clothier
    13:23 27 Mar 19
    Mega-Rod responded to my issue in a prompt and professional manner. When the engineer attended my property he was friendly and talked me through what had been found and what works he was undertaking. The engineer resolved the issue in less than an hour but his process was thorough. The engineer took care in my possessions, returning all items as they were found. I would have no doubts in using this company going forward.
    Claire Doig
    Claire Doig
    09:07 25 Jul 17
    I called Mega Rod to help with a very blocked drain and someone arrived quickly to sort it out. He quickly identified that it was a shared sewer and was actually Wessex Water's responsibility so he contacted his office and all the billing was arranged directly with Wessex Water so we didn't need to pay or do anything else. We also used them for a CCTV drain survey before doing building work.We also used them years ago for a blocked drain at a previous house we lived in. Staff have arrived... promptly, been very helpful, friendly and professional and the prices have been very reasonable for all the work they have done for us.It's great to have a local, friendly company to contact for this type of work. I would highly recommend Mega more
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    Drain Cleaning

    Mega-Rod offers a variety of drain cleaning services to meet your needs. From unblocking sewers and drains to installing new pipes for efficient waste removal or drain repair jobs – we can do it all!

    The methods that our team uses:

    Drain Jetting / High-Pressure Water Jetting

    When it comes to clearing stubborn blockages in domestic and commercial drains, drain jetting is an increasingly popular method for resolving the issue. Drain jetting, or high-pressure water jetting, is a process that harnesses the power of pressurized water to rapidly clear blocked drains without the need for harsh chemicals. This drain cleaning process has become a preferred choice among many due to its effectiveness in removing all types of debris from sink and shower traps, toilets and floor gullies.


    The process of rodding is a traditional method of drain cleaning that involves our drainage engineers fixing together rods according to how deep or long your drain is. This insertion into the pipes with one end is designed for cleaning out any debris at its source, making it perfect if you have older fragile pipework requiring extra care when working on them.

    Camera / CCTV Drain Surveys

    The CCTV drain survey is a unique and essential service for any company that needs information on the condition of your drains. We provide clear reports with no industry jargon, making it easy to understand even if you’re not an expert in plumbing! Our videos can also help determine what repairs are needed before buying property or fixing up old homes – we include DVDs as well so there’s no need to go running around trying to find someplace where they download movies from nowadays…

    CCTV Surveys can help with Drain Unblocking and Drain Cleaning

    Root Cutting

    When our drainage engineers survey your property, they can find out whether tree and plant roots have penetration into pipes. If this is the case then we will remove them using a cutter on jetting hose attached to it so that you don’t have any more problems with holes in pipes or flooding at home!

    Dye Testing

    If you have a problem with water intrusion or leaks in your drainage system, this is the tool for pinpointing where it’s happening. A non-toxic dye will be introduced into cracks and crevices which allow it to highlight any potential problems before they become major issues!

    Drain Tracing

    Drain tracing is the process of locating sections of pipework from above ground. This can be done by using a variety of methods, including listening for the sound of running water, looking for signs of water damage, or using a drain camera. Drain tracing is often used to locate leaks, blockages, or other problems with the pipework. It can also be used to simply find out where the pipework runs underground.

    Need your drains unblocking? Septic tank need emptying? Need a CCTV Drain Survey? Contact the experts at Mega-Rod on 01225 422980. We offer a prompt, competitive service from a family firm working in Bath, Bristol and the surrounding area.