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    Jonathan Taylor
    Jonathan Taylor
    16:29 12 Sep 22
    Great response and service. We had our drains blocked and was quite stuck. The team talked us through each stage and what can be done to prevent further issues.
    Sasha Nixon
    Sasha Nixon
    10:23 18 May 22
    Excellent service and communication on my pre purchase survey in May 2022. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mega-Rod!
    Rich Williams
    Rich Williams
    13:12 22 Dec 20
    I find myself posting another very positive review for this company. I find the customer service absolutely impeccable with the owner of the company even arranging urgent visits to my house whilst he is on holiday. All of the staff with whom I've had contact have been highly knowledgeable, courteous and providers of solutions whereby my drainage can be more efficient and not cause continued problems.They also have all the kit so it's not just a man visiting with his rod but you have... technology and power which combined with the friendliness makes for a very stressfree experience.I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company to those looking for support and quick fix more
    Toni Clothier
    Toni Clothier
    13:23 27 Mar 19
    Mega-Rod responded to my issue in a prompt and professional manner. When the engineer attended my property he was friendly and talked me through what had been found and what works he was undertaking. The engineer resolved the issue in less than an hour but his process was thorough. The engineer took care in my possessions, returning all items as they were found. I would have no doubts in using this company going forward.
    Claire Doig
    Claire Doig
    09:07 25 Jul 17
    I called Mega Rod to help with a very blocked drain and someone arrived quickly to sort it out. He quickly identified that it was a shared sewer and was actually Wessex Water's responsibility so he contacted his office and all the billing was arranged directly with Wessex Water so we didn't need to pay or do anything else. We also used them for a CCTV drain survey before doing building work.We also used them years ago for a blocked drain at a previous house we lived in. Staff have arrived... promptly, been very helpful, friendly and professional and the prices have been very reasonable for all the work they have done for us.It's great to have a local, friendly company to contact for this type of work. I would highly recommend Mega more
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    Drain Repairs

    A broken drain or pipe can be a major inconvenience, and if left untreated can cause significant damage to your home. Drain repairs should not be taken lightly, as a poorly repaired pipe or drain could potentially lead to more costly repairs in the future. Indeed, collapsed drain repair costs can escalate when mistakes are made. It’s important to have professional knowledge of the best techniques for drain repairs so you’re aware of any potential issues that may arise in the process.

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    Drain Repairs

    Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing problems. They can be caused by a variety of issues, such as hair and other debris clogging the pipes, tree roots invading the system, or objects being flushed down the drain. Drain repairs range from relatively simple to complex depending on what is causing the blockage and how far-reaching it is.

    If a clog is close to the surface or at an accessible spot in your plumbing system, like a sink or tub drain, you may be able to unclog it yourself with a plunger or chemical drain cleaner. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to call a professional plumber for help. A professional will use specialised tools like augers and hydrojetting equipment to remove blockages that are further down in your system. They may also discover underlying issues that need to be addressed before they can finish clearing the clog completely.

    No matter what type of repair needs to be done on your drains, it’s important to hire an experienced and qualified plumber who knows how to properly diagnose any issue and make sure it’s fixed correctly so you don’t end up with more problems later on down the line.

    Tree roots can be a major cause of drain damage and broken pipes

    Causes of Drain Damage

    Root Invasion: Tree roots can be a major cause of drain damage. As trees grow, their roots can penetrate and break apart drains, causing blockages and other issues. If you have trees or shrubs near your home, it is important to inspect your drains for any signs of root invasion.

    Improper Installation: Poorly installed or incorrectly fitted pipes can lead to drainage problems. This includes loose pipes that vibrate when the water is running and joints that are not properly sealed. It’s important to hire a professional plumber to ensure all plumbing connections are secure and correctly fitted in order to avoid future repairs.

    Clogged Drains: Clogged drains can be caused by debris buildup over time, such as hair, food scraps and soap scum. Regular cleaning with a drain snake or auger can help prevent clogs from occurring in the first place – but if they do occur, it’s best to contact a professional plumber as soon as possible before the issue worsens.

    Types of Drain Repairs

    Clogged Drains: Clogged drains can be caused by a variety of things like hair, food particles, grease buildup and foreign objects. To repair a clogged drain, a plumber will use specialized techniques such as snaking and hydro-jetting to remove the blockage from the pipe. If the clog is too severe, they may need to replace part or all of the pipe.

    Leaky Pipes: Leaks in pipes can be caused by corrosion, cracks or loose connections. To repair this kind of issue, a plumber may need to patch up holes or cracks with epoxy putty or replace sections of broken pipes. They also may need to tighten any loose connections or replace corroded parts before sealing off the area around it with new caulking or silicone sealant.

    Burst Pipes: Burst pipes can cause significant water damage if not addressed quickly and correctly. In this situation, a plumber will typically shut off water supply to the affected area and then proceed with repairing whatever section of pipe needs replacing in order to stop further leakage. After that they’ll check for any additional damages that occurred due to the burst before restoring service back on again.

    Professional Drain Repair Services

    Drain repair services include inspecting, cleaning and unclogging blocked drains. Professional plumbers use specialised equipment to locate the source of the clog and determine the best course of action for repair. This may involve using a snake or auger to access hard-to-reach areas, high-pressure water jetting or other specialized tools. In some cases, a professional may need to use video inspection technology to inspect pipes from within and identify potential problem areas.

    Once the issue is identified, the plumber can recommend further repairs that could be necessary such as replacing broken pipe sections, installing new fixtures or a sewer pipe repair sleeve. Minor repairs such as clearing out debris can often be done onsite in just a few minutes while more complex repairs require additional time and expertise.

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    Mega Rod Drain Repair Service

    DIY Drain Repairs

    Unclogging Drains: There are a few different ways to unclog drains. For minor blockages, boiling water poured down the drain can help loosen any debris that is causing the clog. There are also some commercial products that claim to clear blockages in drains. If this does not work, plungers and augers can be used in attempt to remove clogs. Plungers use air pressure to push the blockage through the pipe while an auger uses an expanding cable to break up and remove whatever is blocking the drain.

    Replacing Pipes: In some cases, pipes may need to be replaced if they become too damaged or corroded for repair. This involves accessing whatever part of the pipe needs replacing and cutting out old pipes before installing new ones with couplings or glue-type sealants used in conjunction with compression fitting connections. Additionally, repairs may require access points such as clean-out access plugs that allow plumbers or DIYers to look inside pipelines for problems areas without completely tearing apart walls and ceilings in order gain full access.

    Maintenance Checklist

    Having a regular maintenance checklist for drains is essential to preserving their condition and preventing costly repairs. A good starting point is inspecting the areas surrounding the drain, such as pipes, hoses, and other components that can be prone to wear and tear. If any issues are found, they should be addressed immediately. The second step of a drain maintenance checklist should include cleaning out any debris or blockages from the drain with either a plunger or an auger.

    Additionally, if there are signs of corrosion or build-up around the pipe fittings or joints, these should be removed with a brush before using chemical cleaners for further treatment. Lastly, check for any leaks in the system by running water through it and making sure all connections are sealed tightly so that no water escapes. By following these steps regularly, many potential problems can be avoided altogether.

    Essential for Home and Business Owners

    Drain repairs are essential for both home and business owners to maintain the functionality of their plumbing system. It is important to be able to identify when something isn’t working right and take action quickly. This means regularly inspecting drains for signs of damage or blockages, fixing any issues that arise as soon as possible and calling a professional if necessary.

    If left unchecked, even minor problems can lead to major ones such as water backing up in the pipes leading to costly repairs. Regular maintenance is key in preventing emergency situations that may cost more than taking proper care earlier on. Taking these precautions will help keep your home or business’s plumbing running smoothly and save you from costly repairs down the road.

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