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    Choosing the Best Drainage Company for Your Home or Business

    The UK drainage industry encompasses hundreds of companies. There’s even a major trade event, the National Drainage Show, which takes place annually in November and showcases drainage specialists’ skills. Many drainage specialists’ day-to-day work involves helping homes and businesses to keep their wastewater flowing freely by providing drain unblocking, CCTV drain surveys and other vital […]

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    Fatbergs – A Growing Problem

    If someone told you that there are enormous, subterranean monsters called fatbergs growing in UK sewers and wreaking havoc on the country’s wastewater management infrastructure, not to mention the environment, you might think they’d been watching too much Doctor Who. However, water and sewerage companies know all too well that monstrous fatbergs really do lurk […]

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    Effective Alternatives to Harsh Chemical Drain Cleaners

    Perhaps you’ve noticed signs of blocked drains, such as foul smells or basins emptying slowly. Or perhaps you just want to perform some drain maintenance by cleaning out your drainage system to stop cooking fat or other nasties from creating obstructions in the first place. In these sorts of situations, you may be tempted to […]

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    Why Some Homes Have Septic Tanks

    Whereas most homes’ drains are connected to sewers (which carry wastewater to treatment plants such as the Avonmouth water recycling centre in Bristol), some lead to nearby septic tanks instead. These private, underground tanks don’t sound very appealing – ‘septic’ means they contain microorganisms such as bacteria – but they’re hugely important to many homeowners. […]

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    The Difference between Drains and Sewers

    When you run a tap, turn on the washing machine or flush the toilet, you probably don’t give a great deal of thought to where the wastewater goes or what ultimately happens to it. Drains and sewers are out of sight and usually out of mind. They’re part of a vital subterranean pipe network serving […]

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    CCTV Drain Surveys – What Do They Involve?

    You may be surprised to learn that CCTV (which stands for Closed-Circuit Television) plays a vital role in drain surveys. CCTV cameras are most commonly associated with above-ground surveillance systems; they help to ensure car parks, shopping centres, banks, etc. are safe and secure. But they’re also well suited to examining underground pipe networks that […]

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    Removing Invasive Roots from Drains

    Many drain obstructions occur after people pour or flush away things drainage systems aren’t designed to carry to the sewers, such as cooking oil or nappy liners. But did you know that trees and hedges can also have a detrimental effect on your drains if their roots manage to penetrate the pipework? In fact, the […]

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    The 4 Major Causes of Blocked Drains

    To reduce the risk of your drains getting blocked, it’s a sensible idea to familiarise yourself with what should – and, more importantly, shouldn’t – be poured down plug holes or flushed away. If your drainage system encounters little else other than wastewater from sinks, basins, toilets, etc., it’s likely to serve you well. However, […]

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    7 Key Signs Your Drains Need Unblocking

    Are your drains struggling to function properly? Take a look at these common signs that your drains need unblocking and you need to get the problem fixed fast. Drains are pipes that carry wastewater and related material safely away from your property and deposit it in the sewers. A fully functioning drainage system that’s free […]

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    Rethink Your Spring Clean: Don’t Overlook Your Drains Bath!

    Spring is the time of year when many people take on the task of cleaning their homes, but one area that often gets overlooked is the drains Bath. Poorly maintained drains can quickly become a source of costly problems and headaches. A regular drain cleaning and emptying of septic tanks should be part of your […]

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